Some albums literally have me under their spell and this is definitely one of them.

I have tried to discern what magic this music has that creates the total affinity I have for it.
Certainly the sophisticated ‘70s Blaxploitation and Porn Wah-Wah has much to do with it – I LOVE that shit! – but it is also the timing and the direct association with this classic film it scores that creates this love for this music.
Still, like with Angelo Badalamenti’s David Lynch film scores, it was music I was waiting for all my life – and knew it when I heard it!

Also, it is music from my Homeland, my place of origin, wherever that may have been. I feel good, comfortable, mysterious and groovy when I hear this score.  It all comes together as a cool, hip, dangerous, trippy, jazzy, rock, emotional, seductive gotta-love-it, exciting experience – every time.

My only grievance with this LP is that it is waaay too short – approximately 30 minutes – total!
The tracklist:
Side One
1             Condor! (Theme From “3 Days Of The Condor”)   3:33
2             Yellow Panic      2:14
3             Flight Of The Condor      2:28
4             We’ll Bring You Home    2:22
5             Out To Lunch     2:00
6             Goodbye For Kathy (Love Theme From “3 Days Of The Condor”)    2:15
Side Two
1             I’ve Got You Where I Want You  Vocals – Jim Gilstrap 3:10
2             Flashback To Terror        2:22
3             Sing Along With The C.I.A.            1:31
4             Spies Of A Feather, Flocking Together (Love Theme) 1:54
5             Silver Bells  Vocals – Marti McCall 2:36
6             Medley: Condor! (Theme) / I’ve Got You Where I Want You            1:56

Three Days of the Condor, the Film, is an easy personal Top 20  fave, as is the Soundtrack – and that speaks volumes for this Combo!

Redford and Dunaway can speak more dialog with their facial expressions that most others can barely do with words, as does Max Von Sydow; the plot is priceless and super heavy for the times and still extremely impressive today – (just now it’s all well-known fact) – and Grusin is in world-class top form to bring all the screen’s elements together to make this a classic Killer Soundtrack!

Do yourself a sublime favor, give yourself a visual, mental and aural orgasm: see this excellent, excellent true thriller of a movie and then listen to the equally excellent soundtrack!  But be aware; 3DC can be addicting!
I’ve been hooked for over 35 years!

To fully appreciate the true quality of this recording; analog vinyl is highly recommended.  –  00individual